Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my hubby d superman

d agent called saying that d owners r coming down to perth and they would wanna have a look at the hse. so she asked me to get the edging of d lawn done n clear out d weeds in between bricks front n back of hse.

i was thinking of hiring those mowing company to do it as we do not have the equipment o know any1 who has it. but guess we can save d money now cz my hubby, d great handyman got them done in 2 days without any weed killer o even d edging machine!!

jz d other time, d kitchen sink was blocked n all those acid u could buy from supermarket would not unblock the drainage. he then tried d pump but still no go. he reckoned d pipe is blocked somewhere between d kitchen n pool, which means we need a plumber. he said he'll try again n this time, he used his electrical stuff (some thick wire-like thing) n try jabbing it into d drain. d next thing, water in sink jz flushed away n d drain has never flushed out so fast b4!! so we saved a couple hundred dollars again. he can really do things around d hse, i'm so impressed, i'm in luv...

he is such a superman, i told him... then he said, "i wish, then i wont fall sick".

kesian my baby, he's gottan d virus too. but no matter what, u r always my superman!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ade orang terasa siul bile i cakap something tanpa taruk name.. haha..

siape makan cili, die la rase pedas kan kan kan... hahaha

Thursday, October 07, 2010

damn it!!

how am i gonna cope with this? will it be a permanent thing? how am i gonna ever go out with confidece knowing it will not affect me everytime i have a reaction?


i hope once this cough has settled, so will it... damn!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

scared d daylights out of me!!

had a horrible night, coughed so bad, my whole body hurts. kept waking up thus didn't get much sleep either.

woke up at 7.30am and couldn't get back to sleep so i thought i'd watch the morning news. then i realized the baby hasn't move so i drank a glass of cold water and sat. NOTHING. then i remembered that sugary foods would keep his active, so i took a glass of hot chocolate and some brownies and thought that should be sweet enough. sat for another 40mins. NOTHING.

next i jz went into a panic mode! called the hospital and asked to get checked. called hubby and he came home to drive me to the hospital. the whole time we were on the road, i had 2 small movements. a little relieved but still very very worried.

once at the hospital, i was so nervous i felt nauseous. the walk to the ward seemed so long.

the midwife put the CTG on my belly and i heard, "lub-dub lub-dub". i felt as if my heart could jump out of my chest!! was ultra relieved!! thank goodness bubba is doing alrite. for the next 30mins, his heart rate was good and he decided to wake up and started moving so actively, he made me felt silly for panicking in the first place...

i feel so bad for panicking and getting anthony to drop everything he was doing at work to get home. i know he's a great husband and supports me very well but i probably scared him too, i felt so bad...

anak ni...

Monday, October 04, 2010


almost everytime we go over, we come home with something. this time it's a virus, flu i think cz i got most of the symptoms.

the funny thing is dat, i was told by this person that a virus cannot spread. i was thinking, "r u stupid or just doesn't want to take the blame for spreading a disease to everyone?". i didnt mind catching it but d fact that she's so ignorant just makes me angry! come on, if ur kids r sick, leave them at home!! dun bring them out n start a disease club! worst, i am pregnant 34weeks!!!! coughing like mad at this time is no good!!

i really feel like telling her off, bacteria spreads through contact n dats y we must wash our hands, n d fucking virus is fucking airborne!! as long as ur kids cough, n we breathe d same air, the risk is there, dumb dumb!!

can't beliv some people are so ignorant, irresponsible, noncivic-minded n jz plain fucking stupid!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

wat a nite

had a turbulent night yesterday.
i really don't how to react to it..
am i supposed to be mad? but it might just be a one-way thing...
but at least trying to convince me would've helped, or at least make me feel like you care about how i feel and lets me know that i mean something to you..
however, nothing was done.
so it probably means no matter what happened, or how i feel, it's not important to you...

Friday, January 09, 2009


i've been wanting to write a new post ever since. but have nv get to it, mainly due to a hyper-active baby known as d monster annabelle. she's very fascinated with shiny things like blings, computers, mobiles, my wireless broadband usb n macam macam other things.. now that she's a super duper crawler, she's jz unstopable. she gives her mummy no peace n is constantly harrassing her poor mummy. on top of dat, she bites!!

btw, point of blog:

we r going bac msia fr a month, so cya n i'll call u (my frens) in mid feb o meet up k?

gtg, annabelle wont let me type anymore!! **belle belle, kacau la u**